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How does Almaya work?

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Answer prompts through videos and audio recordings about stories, anecdotes, advice, and life lessons.

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Share forever

Invite your Loved Ones so they can access your most valuable experiences.

6 incredible categories of prompts

What will my Almaya contain?



Tell your story and keep it in a safe place forever.



Make your advice accessible
whenever needed.



Have fun sharing what you enjoy with the people you love.



Schedule messages to your loved ones for future access.



Share your recipes and expand your family's cookbook.



Give your opinions about love, politics, and more.

Thousands of people already created their Almaya


Had fun and got excited remembering things from
their life 🥲


Feel closer to their loved ones 🥰


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an innovative digital experience

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Content saved on the Almaya database is encrypted. All your information is secured.


The Storyteller can choose exactly who has access to their Legacy. Each piece of content can be assigned to specific Loved Ones.

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We will NEVER sell your data nor display ads on our App.

What do our users say?

"Almaya helped me not only to create a record of memories for the future, but also to connect and enjoy the present. I have great conversations with my loved ones that otherwise would not have happened while helping my Grandfather to start his Legacy."

Greta, 27 years

"It's amazing to rekindle all those memories and feelings of the past that make me live my present in a better way.  
I created my Legacy to connect now with my children and nephews, and to give them as a gift for the future."

Doris, 59 years

"Almaya takes me to places that I had forgotten and I am grateful to recover, not only to save and recreate them but to share them with my family.  By doing this tomorrow and today, they know from my mouth who I am, I was, and what I lived."

Rosana, 62 years

Almaya is:



We use Amazon AWS encrypted technology to protect your content.


You choose who can access to your Almaya. You can publish content with different access permissions.


We will never sell or share your data. We don't display advertising in the app.
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Frequently asked questions

About Almaya team

We are a group of people from very diverse backgrounds, driven by the purpose of uniting families through time. 
We believe that every life is important, and we want to preserve and safeguard as many stories and experiences as possible, inviting those who use Almaya to embark on a journey of self-discovery as they go about their daily lives. 
We use technology in a safe way, as a means to better connect with those we love the most

Why should I use Almaya?

Almaya allows you to connect with your Loved Ones and yourself in a unique and innovative way. 
Using the app will help you explore aspects of yourself, your history, your opinions, and more, inviting you to reflect on topics you might have not reflected on until now and being a space for self-knowledge.
In addition, the people around you and future generations will be able to have you with them regardless of time or place, listen to your favorite things, tips, recipes, and everything you keep in Almaya, forever.

What’s a Legacy in Almaya?

A Legacy in Almaya is a digital collection of content recorded by someone in video or audio format, answering questions specially designed by a team of philosophers and psychologists about their history, learning experiences, tips, recipes, and more. 
It is also possible to add pre-existing content to Almaya by uploading videos you have recorded outside the app at significant moments.

How can I apply?

Your Almaya is not going to be created in one day. It is important that you can stay consistent and create content over time.
This will have an impact today, and also tomorrow, as Almaya is a tool that helps you connect today while also preserving your knowledge over time. Your experiences today will not be the same in 5 years, and Almaya offers a unique opportunity to connect with ourselves and the people we love beyond time.
We recommend creating your first Almaya Legacy over the course of 6 months.
To help you achieve this, the app has reminders and suggested prompts to encourage you to keep recording. Remember that the more content in your Almaya, the better the experience for your Loved Ones.

What’s included in the Almaya PRO subscription?

Almaya PRO has many benefits to make your experience memorable. These include:
- The ability to answer the +500 questions in Almaya, with no restrictions.
- Increase the limit of recordings from 1 minute to 3 minutes each.
- 100 videos that you can upload from your gallery.
- Access to ALMA, Almaya's artificial intelligence.
- Unlimited connected loved ones.
- Personalized support.

Read more FAQs here