Celebrate your Grandmaby safekeeping their Story


Celebrate your Dad's life
by safekeeping their Story

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Preserve their anecdotes, learnings, advice, and more.


Preserve their anecdotes, learnings, advice, and more

A Curated collection of a Personal Story

Recordings with their memories, life lessons, advice, and more


Unlimited Free Access

Play the recordings anytime, from any device connecting to their Legacy on the App.

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ALMA: an Eternal Conversation

Get answers to your questions about their life or simply things you’ve always wanted to know and would like to preserve.


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+400 questions about their life

What’s inside an
Almaya Legacy?



Preserve their story and their most valuable memories.



Save their learnings and counsel for whenever you need them.
Today and in the future.



Get inspired and receive their unexpected recommendations.


Future messages

They will be present, despite time and space.



A compilation of what makes every recipe unique for each family.



Become inspired with their opinions on Love, Relationships, Money & Finance and much more.

What does this gift entail?

3 simple steps


Wrap up your gift

Tell us who will be the person honored with a Legacy and when their journey should begin.


The recipient answers and records questions

The content they create will be safeguarded on the Almaya App.


Celebrate the Almaya Legacy

We will let you know when the recipient finishes recording a part of their Legacy so you can all enjoy it together.

Almaya helps the honored one to reflect their legacy

The Almaya Engine

There are more than 400 questions designed by Psychologists and Philosophers.

As a Loved One you can get involved in the design of their Legacy, sending them questions and requests.

1 hour personalized guidance & personalized support.

As a Keeper of their legacy you can help make sure the Legacy  is passed on to future generations.

Storytellers sharing their journeys on Almaya

"Almaya helped me not only to create a record of memories for the future, but also to connect and enjoy the present. I have great conversations with my loved ones that otherwise would not have happened while helping my Grandfather to start his Legacy."

Greta, 27 years

"It's amazing to rekindle all those memories and feelings of the past that make me live my present in a better way.  I created my Legacy to connect now with my children and nephews, and to give them as a gift for the future."

Doris, 59 años de edad

"Almaya takes me to places that I had forgotten and I am grateful to recover, not only to save and recreate them but to share them with my family.  By doing this tomorrow and today, they know from my mouth who I am, I was, and what I lived."

Rosana, 62 años
an innovative digital experience

Preserve their precious Story


Content saved on the Almaya database is encrypted. All your information is secured.


The Storyteller can choose exactly who has access to their Legacy. Each piece of content can be assigned to specific Loved Ones.

No Ads

We will NEVER sell your data nor display ads on our App.

From now on, Future generations will have access to their heritage, first hand.

Frequently asked questions

How does Almaya app work?

Almaya's simple and user-friendly interface guides & stimulates the user to answer questions in Audio or Video format. The more than 400 questions available were designed by Psychologists and Philosophers and cover different topics related to life: History, Advice, Opinions, Recipes, and much more.
Those recordings will be safeguarded and organized inside the user’s “Legacy” and can be accessed anytime by the “Storyteller” and shared with their “Loved Ones”, thanks to the Almaya KeyCode.
There are two ways of interacting with the content: through a directory of questions or with ALMA, an Artificial Intelligent Conversation that guides you through the recordings.

How involved am I in the process?

You can be as involved as you want. Almaya will take care of guiding the person who receives your gift to learn everything they need. We also do a personalized follow-up so that they can make the most of it.
You can be part of the journey from the beginning, sending them questions, watching the recordings they create during the process, and learning to use the app by their side.
If you do not wish to participate, we will notify you once they have completed their Legacy, just to enjoy it as a Loved One.

What's included in the gift?

All features associated with Almaya PRO are unlocked.
Personalized advice that includes a one-hour virtual meeting with the person receiving the gift, and weekly follow-up throughout the first year.
All content will be saved, protected, and organized, so that you and other Loved Ones can access it anytime, anywhere.
Tutorial videos on how to use Almaya.
Up to 20 Loved Ones will be able to access the content from the application by receiving a unique code, interacting with the content, and letting the person who recorded or the “Storyteller” know how much they like it and ask specific questions.

Can you break down the process in more detail for me?

Of course! After the gift is purchased, and the delivery date is scheduled, we contact the recipient of the gift on the defined date to accompany them on their first steps on Almaya.
The recipient of the gift then completes their Legacy with the help of Almaya. Once their Legacy is ready, we will notify you so the entire intimate circle can enjoy the results.
You can optionally participate in the process of creating the Legacy, sending him questions and interacting with his recordings as he creates them.

Why do I want to give Almaya gift?

If you want to give a unique and special gift that is appreciated not only by the recipient but also by you, your family, and future generations, Almaya is the ideal gift.
You will quickly see the value and closeness it generates with the person you choose to honor, and you will learn many things about him or her that will be preserved forever.
What is more beautiful than a gift to celebrate the lives of those you love the most?
Make forever possible with Almaya.

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