Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

We are a group of people from very diverse backgrounds, driven by the purpose of uniting families through time. We believe that every life is important, and we want to preserve and safeguard as many stories and experiences as possible, inviting those who use Almaya to embark on a journey of self-discovery as they go about their daily lives. 
We use technology in a safe way, as a means to better connect with those we love the most.
We have a group of experts who work to make the Almaya experience something unique, innovative, and special, that allows us to connect today, and always.

How does Almaya work?

The user answers questions about their life by recording themselves in video or audio format. These questions were designed by psychologists and philosophers, and cover different areas of life: history, advice, recipes, opinions and more.
The user who records content in Almaya has a unique code that can be shared with others to give them access to the content stored in their Legacy. 
There are two ways to interact with the content: through the directory, or by interacting with Alma, an interactive artificial intelligence that guides you through the recordings.

Why should I use Almaya?

Almaya allows you to connect with your Loved Ones and yourself in a unique and innovative way. Using the app will help you explore aspects of yourself, your history, your opinions, and more, inviting you to reflect on topics you might have not reflected on until now and being a space for self-knowledge.
In addition, the people around you who love you will be able to have you with them regardless of time or place, listen to your favorite things, tips, recipes, and everything you keep in Almaya, forever. 

What’s a Legacy in Almaya?

A Legacy in Almaya is a digital collection of content recorded by someone in video or audio format, answering prompts specially designed by a team of philosophers and psychologists about their history, learning experiences, tips, recipes, and more.
In addition, it is possible to add pre-existing content to Almaya by uploading videos you have recorded outside the app at significant moments.

What is a Namesake and a Loved One in Almaya?

In Almaya, we call the person who records his or her Legacy "Namesake", and those who visit a Legacy, “Loved Ones”. 
You can be a Namesake and a Loved One at the same time, creating your own Legacy and interacting with the Legacies of other people important to you.

Can I see a sample Legacy?

Yes, that is what Lisa’s Legacy is for.
Lisa is a sample Legacy that you can interact with just as your Loved Ones would interact with your Legacy.This includes listening to all the content she recorded, reacting and commenting on her videos, and interacting with ALMA, our artificial intelligence that will accompany you through them.
To access Lisa, you must enter the "Other Legacies" section available in the "Legacy" screen of the app.
All users have Lisa as a Loved One from the moment they start their journey in Almaya.

What’s included in the Almaya PRO subscription?

Almaya PRO has many benefits to make your experience memorable. 
These include:
- The ability to answer the +500 questions in Almaya, with no restrictions.
- Increase the limit of recordings from 1 minute to 3 minutes each.
- 100 videos that you can upload from your gallery.
-Access to ALMA, Almaya's artificial intelligence.
- Unlimited connected loved ones.
- Personalized support.

I have a discount code. How can I use it?

In the following video, you will see how to enter the discount code:



Can I buy Almaya for someone else?

Yes! Find more information on how to give Almaya as a gift at

How do I share my content with those I love?

Sharing Almaya is very simple. Inside the app, in the "Legacy" section you will find a drop-down menu located at the bottom right of the screen. This is where you will see the code that identifies your Legacy.
You can share this code with those you love, so they can listen and see all the content you created.
Remember that Almaya has the possibility to manage the permissions of each memory, so not everything has to be for everyone. When you publish a memory, you can choose who has access to it.
Also, if the person with whom you want to share a certain recording does not have the Almaya app, you can share a link to the memory so that they can enjoy it from their cell phone or computer in a web browser.

How can I download the app?

Are you reading this on your phone? Click here to download the app. If not, go to your phone's app store and search for "Almaya Life".

Is Almaya available for both iOS and Android?

Yes, you can download Almaya on cell phones with iOS or Android operating systems. 

What is Alma?

Almaya has a Conversational Artificial Intelligence called Alma. Loved Ones can interact with it to navigate the Legacy of their Namesake.
Alma is a guide. The user can freely ask questions to someone’s Legacy, and Alma will find and play the video or audio answer.

What languages is the app available in?

Almaya is available in Spanish and English. We are working to bring new languages soon.

How can I create content in Almaya?

Creating content in Almaya is very simple and there are three different ways to do it.
1- Chapters: Chapters is a path created by experts to help you explore different areas of your experience and your life. You will see that as you complete recordings within chapters, you will unlock new ones, with more and more questions to answer.
2- Random: Almaya has a selection of random questions presented as cards. As a user, you can browse through all the cards until you find one that interests you and you want to record the answer to. At that moment, just swipe to the right or press the green button on the card and you can easily start your recording.
3- Directory: This feature is only available to Almaya PRO users, and allows them to access a directory of more than 400 questions sorted by categories and subcategories. These can be easily explored and you can answer as many as you want.

Is Almaya going to sell my information to other companies?

Definitely not. Almaya is a secure and ad-free space, your data is protected. In addition, Legacies on Almaya are private, which means that no one can access the content of a Legacy unless explicitly invited by its creator.

Who has access to my content?

Only the people you invite to your Legacy through your private key will be able to access the content stored there through the app.However, should you choose to share a particular recording with someone, everyone who has the link to it will be able to access it through the website and view it for 24 hours.  
Within the Almaya app, you can choose who has access to the different recordings, as there is a permissions feature. You can even publish private memories that can only be viewed by yourself.

I have a problem with the app, what do I do?

You can contact our team of specialists within the application in the Help & Feedback section of the app (available in the "Settings" tab), or send us an email at